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About Adesua Online - Test

Adesua Online Initiative is a social enterprise with the prime motive of using technology to make high school education truly free and accessible. Our first breakthrough is www.adesuaonline.net, an independent online learning portal for intellectually passionate senior high school students. Developed in 2018, www.adesuaonline.net features educational contents in the form of tutorial videos, slides, audios etc... from skilled and passionate teachers/volunteers (mostly MCF Scholars). Courses available on the portal includes all the traditional high school courses plus some non traditional high-end courses such as; photography, digital marketing, programing etc… With this portal, high school students are able to learn anywhere, anytime and at their own pace for free

Our Mission

The mission of Adesua Online is to make education accessible and affordable in Africa with the use of technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make high school education affordable and accessible to every high school student in Ghana with a smartphone.

What is Online Learning Portal

For generations, we have grown up in classrooms where we learnt the same information at the same pace, regardless of our interests or needs. Global interconnectivity through technology has transformed the world and yet many of our schools are still following traditional teaching methods. With AOI, you can quickly advance in subjects that interest you most and get as much help as you need in your more challenging areas. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection.